Jeff Hatton :: Portfolio :: LGL Unnanounced Project

Project: Unnanounced FPS project, during pre-production phase.

My Role: Senior Technical Artist
Software used: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine

Description of roles and tasks:
Examples of work completed during my time at Lion Game Lion, working on an unnanounced project.
During my time here, I was working within a very small team as the technical artist, covering a variety of tasks in the animation and art pipelines. All work completed on this project was in the pre-production phase so may not be of a finalised game quality and is property of Lion Game Lion, shown with permission.

Main Responsibilities:
- Setup/Mechanics/Implentation of Character customisation system
- Setup/Mechanics/Implentation of Weapon customisation system
- Modelling and Texturing of various assets and vehicles for use in the project
- Implentation of various blueprinted mechanics and player/gunplay systems
- Maintenance of first and third player anim state machines (with use of marketplace assets)
- Design + Documentation for character/weapon/vehicle and other art+animation asset pipelines

Examples of my work:

  Chevrolet Astro Van - Maya/SubstancePainter/UE4
     Vehicle art model of a Chevrolet Astro van, which would act as a living lobby within the game.
     29.8k tris, 2x 2k Texture + 1x 1k Texture
         - Modelling
         - Texturing
         - Basic setup in-engine

  Character Creation system - UE4
     I was responsible for the design, setup, implementation and UI for the protoype setup of our character creation system.
     Using a small pool of base character assets made by the character artist, I set up the system within the Unreal Engine
     that chan change between different meshes and colours for head/hair/upperbody/lowerbody/shoes/accesories to give simple
     user customisation as a demo.
     From this, the users selction would be saved and replicated onto thier 1st and 3rd person meshes.
     A similar setup was also used to feed randomisation to civilian characters.
         - Design & specification
         - Implementation & setup
         - UI & Presentation

  Weapon customisation system
     Using marketplace assets, I was responsible for the re-implementation of the weapons to be used with a UI based weapon customiser prototype.
     Working alongside a programmer, we also implemented a system where all of the attachments had stat values that would make changes to your weapons
     weapons base stats such as stability/accuracy/magazine capacity/recoil etc.
     I also developed other systems and mechanics on the weapons & player such as dynamic crosshairs, lean system, physical mat footsteps etc.